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User Guide - Preparing for a recording

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Place the microphone

A Revolabs wireless microphone has to be attached to the clothing or hanging from the neck over the chest. To do so use the incorporated clip or a necklace.

  • Don't lower your head, speak normally.
  • Try not to move or hit the microphone with your hand or an object.
  • Before starting to talk, unmute the microphone - check the audio level on the vumeter on the Galicaster's screen.
  • After a recording, place the microphone back on its bay in order to charge it for the next lecture.

Connect the computer and share the signal

The computer, laptop or tablet has to be connected to the recording unit and configurated for sharing the screen.
Loose connections may cause glitchs on the recording so connect the wire properly:

  • extend the wire
  • secure the screw if available
  • don't leave the wire on places you or other people can trip.


  • Share your desktop.
  • Deactivate the screensaver during the lecture.
  • Don't change the resolution during the recording.
  • Check the battery or connect the device to the power-line
  • Clean-up your computer desktop and choose a suitable background.

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