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User Guide - Metadata

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Metadata is the information related to the audivisual content on a recording. The metadata and content together forms a Mediapackage. In the Galicaster repository each folder represents a Mediapackage. Metadata is stored permanently on XML files. These files should not be edited directly.

The Galicaster metadata scheme is based on the Matterhorn Metadata Scheme, and it is based on the Dublin Core initiative.

Metadata edition

Metadata can be edited on different stages of the recording/Mediapackage cycle of life.

  1. On scheduled recordings, on the schedule manager in Opencast Matterhorn
  2. During a recording, clicking on Edit Metadata.
  3. On the Media Manager, anytime.
  4. After ingesting, back in Opencast Matterhorn

Galicaster only allows editing some Metadata: title, presenter, description, language and series. If the series is changed, all the metadata related with series is changed too (series title, series description, series creators ...).

Metadata Editor

Custom fields

If your Opencast Matterhorn installation has custom metadata fields, they will be retrieved and keep unchanged by Galicaster, unless they are modified manually or the Series is changed - the lattest only affecting series metadata.

For more information on Metadata and Mediapackagest consult the Matterhorn Metadata Scheme.

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