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Metadata is the information related to the audivisual content on a recording. The metadata and content together forms a Mediapackage. In the Galicaster repository each folder represents a Mediapackage. Metadata is stored permanently on XML files. *These files should not be edited directly*.

The Galicaster metadata scheme is based on the [Matterhorn Metadata Scheme|], and it is based on the Dublin Core initiative.

h5. User Guide

* [Recorder|User Guide - Recorder]
** [Preparing for a recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Preparing for a recording]
** [Scheduled recordings|Galicaster:User Guide - Scheduled recordings]
** [Manual recordings|User Guide - Manual recordings]
* [Media Manager|User Guide - Media Manager]
** *[Metadata|Galicaster:User Guide - Metadata]*
** [Operations|Galicaster:User Guide - Operations]


h5.Metadata edition

Metadata can be edited on different stages of the recording/Mediapackage cycle of life.
# On scheduled recordings, on the schedule manager in Opencast Matterhorn
# During a recording, clicking on Edit Metadata.
# On the Media Manager, anytime.
# After ingesting, back in Opencast Matterhorn

Galicaster only allows editing some Metadata: _title, presenter, description, language and series_. If the series is changed, all the metadata related with series is changed too (series title, series description, series creators ...).

*Metadata Editor*

h5. Custom fields
If your Opencast Matterhorn installation has custom metadata fields, they will be retrieved and keep unchanged by Galicaster, unless they are modified manually or the Series is changed - the lattest only affecting series metadata.

For more information on Metadata and Mediapackagest consult the [Matterhorn Metadata Scheme|].