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Galicaster Mobile

What is Galicaster Mobile ?

Galicaster Mobile (GMobile) is a complete multistream recording station designed for mobile operation.

It combines a simple yet complete interface and a efficient backend, which does not demand special hardware requisites to work. Being based on open standards, GMobile can guarantee its interoperability with virtually any video distribution systems.

GMobile provides real-time feedback from video and audio sources --so that any unexpected situation can be detected and solved immediately. Recording may be started and stopped automatically, by scheduling the start and stop instants, but GMobile also supports manual control of the recording, enabling the operator to start, pause and stop recordings at will --even if they were started automatically.

It is adaptable to many video devices such as webcams, TV cameras, VGA captures and audio sources such as players and microphones. GMobile will walk you through the identification, selection and configuration of such devices.

GMobile Trial - December 2011

GMobile also features a repository with all the recorded media, with a comprehensive set of operations to manage the collection: sorting old recordings, deleting many recordings in a single operation, sending and resending media to the distribution channels, labelling tracks, etc.


Online synchronization

Once GMobile is online it will synchronize data and events with the core application. All completed recordings suitable for publishing will be sent automatically to the distribution system, so that they can be processed and published. At the same time, if any upcoming event is created, modified or deleted, GMobile will update its schedule accordingly.



GMobile Trial - May 2011

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