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Galicaster Class

What is Galicaster Class?

Galicaster Class is an open source, multistream recording application, specially designed for lecture recording. It provides real-time feedback of the media being recorded on a simple, easy-to-use, tactile interface.

Who is GClass aimed to?

Galicaster Class is aimed to educational institutions which want to record lectures and other educational contents on a daily basis. GClass saves them time and resources by making the recording process simple and efficient. By keeping professors informed and in control, the need for subsequent reviews and editions reduces to a minimum.

As a professor, how do I operate GClass?

Professors only need to worry about the screen, where they will get a continous visual feedback of what is being recorded. Besides, a pop-up window will show up if the audio is too low, in case the microphone is mistakenly muted or it ran out of batteries.

The audio may also be turned off and on at will, so the professor can choose not to get some parts of their speech recorded if they desire to.

Some basic actions - start, pause and stop - are also available, allowing a finer control on the recording. This way, the professor can prevent undesired fragments like lecture breaks, exercise resolutions, etc., from being recorded.

What does Galicaster Class look like?

Check out the side video for a quick tour through some of Galicaster basic features.
Also avaliable in Spanish

How do I use GClass with Opencast Matterhorn?

GClass can work as a basic Matterhorn capture agent. It can register as a capture agent on a Matterhorn core, thus being able to receive and process Matterhorn recording schedules, and ingest the resulting mediapackages afterwards.

The main improvement GClass brings up is its graphic interface, providing real-time feedback and manual control. It also allows an easy mechanism to ingest mediapackages that were recorded off-line, or retry the ingestion of a failed mediapackage.

Can I use Galicaster Class with other systems?

Yes, Galicaster Class can be adapted to any media management or publishing systems.

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