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Galicaster 1.3.1 released

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Current by Vicente Goyanes
on ene 21, 2014 09:53.

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This new version is available, as usual, at the *Galicaster{*}{*}_ _{*}website ([galicaster.org|http://galicaster.org/]) in two formats:
* Deb Package Format: \[[HERE|Download+Galicaster]\] \[[HERE|Galicaster:Download Galicaster]\]
* TAR.GZ Source: \[[HERE|Release+Archive]\] \[[HERE|Galicaster:Release Archive]\]

The new version is also available at the Galicaster project Github repository \[[HERE|https://github.com/teltek/Galicaster/tree/1.3.1]\] under the 1.3.1 tag

Kind Regards
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