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Dear Galicasters

I'm happy to (finally) announce the release of Galicaster 1.3.1 

I would like to thank specially the Galicaster Community and Teltek's Galicaster team \[1\] for making it happen. 

*New Features:*
* Ingest to a Opencast Matterhorn cluster with multiple ingest servers.
* New _Pushpic_ plugin: Send screenshoots periodically for monitoring with Galicaster Dashboard
* Improved VU-meter dynamic range
* Several bug fixes including:
** Fixed bug on dialog modality and focus.
** Fixed a bug on No-audio-dialog when reloading a profile.
** Fixed serious bug that crashed GC when using Datapath capture cards.

This new version is available, as usual, at the *Galicaster{*}{*}_ _{*}website ([|]) in two formats:
* Deb Package Format: \[[HERE|Galicaster:Download Galicaster]\]
* TAR.GZ Source: \[[HERE|Galicaster:Release Archive]\]

Kind Regards

{color:#000000}Vicente {color}{color:#000000}Goyanes{color}
{color:#000000}TELTEK{color}{color:#000000} Video Research{color}{color:#000000} (CEO){color}

{color:#000000}\[1\] Galicaster Team:{color}{color:#000000}Developers: Ruben Perez, Ruben Gonzalez, Hugo Caloto{color}
{color:#000000}QA Team: Iria Diaz and Silvia Bermudez{color}