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Galicaster 1.1 released

Version 1 by developer
on ago 07, 2012 17:35.

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Current by developer
on ago 07, 2012 17:39.

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A new release of Galicaster has come out. New features include screensaver control, pausable recordings and multiple audio tracks support. A basic support for Blackmagic HD and SDI cards has been included. Another major improvement is its stability, due to the fixing of some bugs and glitches.

Related to Opencast-Matterhorn, [Galicaster 1.1|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster-1.1.1.tgz] performs series edition and harvest and allows selecting devices and local workflow parameters. Other minor changes affect the ingest system and the media manager browsing.
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