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Use Confluence to create and collaborate on product specification documents.
  • Click into the Quick Navigation Spec link below to see how the Confluence team writes a basic feature specification.
  • Add a label to this page. Scroll down to the labels section on this page and add a label. Then go into the browse menu and choose labels to see all the labels used in this space.

Confluence 3.1 Feature Specifications

  • Image Browser SpecMake it easier to import media onto a page by providing better previews, easier attaching of files with less steps, and make everything prettier by using the new dialog box styles. Also allow a tab for inserting images through URLs.
  • Insert Menu SpecThe amount of rich objects (embedded videos, office documents, images, links) that can be added to Confluence has grown rapidly over the last two releases. The insert menu is a drop down that gives users one simple place to go to add an object to a wiki page without clutter and confusion.
  • Quick Navigation SpecUser can quickly and simply navigate to a page, person, space, or attachment via title.

Warning: Sample Content
This is sample content that comes included with Confluence for the purposes of demonstrating how the product can be used.
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