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Writing a product specification requires input and feedback from many different people. With Confluence, product managers, engineers and technical writers can make their changes or comments directly in the product specification page. With version control, users can always see who contributed to the page and undo any edits regardless of when they were made. To get the most from this page, we suggest you:

1. Comment on this page to let your team members know what you think about the Quick Navigation product specification.
2. Edit this page and save your change. Then revert back to the previous version. Go into the "tools" menu and choose history. Then choose restore this version on a previous version of the page.


User can quickly and simply navigate to a page, person, space, or attachment via title.

Use Cases


  1. Sees results in a panel below Quicksearch as they start typing. Sees instantaneous results. Selects a result to go to that page.
  2. Can use keyboard to select results.
  3. Sees results are in categories. 5 results max shown for pages and news together, 2 results for attachments, 3 results for people, and 2 results for space in that order.
  4. Titles that are too long, are truncated.
  5. Sees page and news results icon, and title only. For person, profile picture and name. For space, icon and name. No descriptions shown for anything.
  6. Uses a link down the bottom linking to a full search so that keyboard users can execute search: 'Search All' with icon.
  7. Sees part of the title that is matched by the search term in bold.
  8. Appear in the page search in the Add Links


  1. See the initial design meeting minutes and second meeting.
  2. Pages and news mixed in together as one category? Why separate them? How would we do a combined 'News and Page' more search?
  3. Multiple word searches (e.g. 'meeting min_') results aren't ordered (i.e. results can be 'minimum meetings', 'meeting minutes', 'meeting room minutes').

Warning: Sample Content
This is sample content that comes included with Confluence for the purposes of demonstrating how the product can be used.


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