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The Confluence Development Team always knows its status relative to plan. At the end of each week, the team updates the issues table below to show which issues were addressed and which ones carried over. The team also uses the {chart} macro to create a burndown chart showing how much work is left relative to how much time is left.
  • Edit this page and change one of the numbers in the chart. Save or preview the page to see your changes.
  • Edit this page and update the status one of the rows by (like "quick-nav: selenium testing") by adding a to the status column.

Burndown chart

The following graph provides a rough status on the progress of the Confluence team.

Rules for how to update the release dashboard

Steps that need to be done at the end of an iteration

  • Tasks that were finished get ticked off with a and remain where they are.
  • Tasks that have been started but not finished get moved to the next iteration. No estimates are changed, and in the comment field a text is added "carried over from previous x weeks".
  • Tasks that were planned but not even started get moved to next iteration without comment.
  • Velocity of previous iteration may be calculated and added, but only based on finished tasks, no matter how close unfinished tasks were to completion
  • New unplanned work is added to the new iteration and marked in blue. cards that simply took longer than expected don't get any colour-coding.
  • The "remaining estimated work" number from previous iteration remains unchanged.
  • "Remaining estimated work" for the new iteration (including the backlog) is calculated based on the original estimates, and includes unplanned added work. So even a 2d-task that is considered 90% done will show up as 2d in the new iteration. The new iteration may exceed the previous velocity since we assume that there just remain 10%. But for the "remaining estimated work" the two days will be used.
  • If the sum of all remaining work is larger than the original budget, some tasks at the end have to be declared as "won't fix" and greyed out. Their estimates are no longer counted for the remaining work.

2.10 is estimated to be a 3 month release, manned by a 2 person team (with one person doing part time bug fixing). Accounting for 1 week of sick or holiday leave, we have a feature budget of 14u (11 iterations).

Iteration Week 1: 30/JUL
Remaining at very start of release cycle: 23
1 Discovery feature breakdown

  Remove SearchService

  Investigate/rework did-you-mean indexing

  Deploy RC1 to QA and Production

  Week 2: 6AUG
Velocity: 4u. Remaining: 21
2 Make author filter work for external users (CONF-10769 ) 2u

  Quick search by page title task breakdown 1u
  Respond to Did-You-Mean review feedback
  Add author filter to people directory
Decided to discontinue work on card after 0.5u investigation.
  Week 3: 13/AUG
Velocity: 5u. Remaining:  16.5u
3 Make author filter work for hosted 2u

  Fix archiva with James

  Discovery planning

  Code reviews 

  Week 4: 20/AUG
4.5u Velocity: 2.5u. Remaining: 14u
4 quick-search-by-title: Add lucene index fields 1u  
  Week 5: 27/AUG
1u Velocity: 1u. Remaining: 13u
  did-you-mean: merge to trunk  
  did-you-mean: run clover and add tests
  Week 6: 3/SEP
1.5u Velocity: 1.5u. Remaining: 11.5u
  quick-search-by-title: backend
2u Carried over twice from previous iteration, took longer than expected
  Week 7: 10/SEP
2u Velocity: 2u. Remaining: 9.5u
  quick-search-by-title: JSON
0.5u Carried over from previous iteration
  quick-search-by-title: UI Integration
1u Carried over from previous iteration
  search-visuals: clean up display of individual results 2u
  Week 8: 10/SEP
3.5u Velocity: 3.5u. Remaining: 8u
  quick-nav: bug fixes (unicode, themes, highlighting)
  Week 9: 17/SEP
1u Velocity: 1u. Remaining: 11u
  quick-nav: selenium testing
  search-visuals: Add people thumbnails to search results 1u
  Week 10: 24/SEP
  did-you-mean: indexing issues (CONF-12943)
  Week 11: 6/OCT
  quick-search-by-title: Advanced JS component
  • IE bug (CONF-13158)
  • density and organisation
  • Caching issues

  quick-nav: performance testing  1u

  quick-nav: Timouts (CONF-13062)

  Week 12: 13/OCT
  OpenSearch plugin (advertisement only)
  quick-nav: Document for custom layouts (CONF-13073)
  Week 13: 20/OCT

Dropped from release

  quick-nav: relevancy: boost by favourites
(not counted for remaining estimate, since originally unplanned and not in current plan anymore)
  search-visuals: Adjust number of results per page
  Change default space content 0.5u
  did-you-mean: auto-enable for english customers (CONF-13209)

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