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The amount of rich objects (embedded videos, office documents, images, links) that can be added to Confluence has grown rapidly over the last two releases. The insert menu is a drop down that gives users one simple place to go to add an object to a wiki page without clutter and confusion.



Insert Menu

# Requirement Justification
10 Option to insert image. This should open the Image Browser at the tab allowing file upload.  
20 Option insert web image. This should open the Image Browser at the tab allowing URL.  
30 Option to insert an 'Office' document. This should open the Document browser at the tab allowing upload. The most common attachment case is from your local machine. See the [Media Browser] spec for details on the Office Connector integration.
40 Option to insert a link. This should open the Link Browser  
45 Option to insert an attachment. This should open the Link Browser at the attachments tab. Inserting a 'generic' attachment i.e. one that is not an image or document can only sensibly be handled as an insertion of a link to an attachment.
50 Insert Emoticon, Symbol and Horizontal Ruler should be moved to the insert menu This also follows the thought process a user would have in wanting to use these facilities. It also helps simplify the toolbar by moving less frequently used buttons into the menu.
60 Shortcut to the relevant Macro Browser screen for 5 installed macros The macro browser can still be fairly daunting if you don't know enough about the thing you are trying to insert. This is a good mechanism to introduce users to macros.
70 Option to launch the macro browser with no preselected macro. If the macro required is not one of the 5 shortcut ones then the user needs a way to use the Macro Browser to find and configure an arbitrary macro.
Optional Optional Optional
80 Identical Insert Menu in the wiki editor. The wiki editor is significantly different from the rich text editor and is a completely separate piece of work to add the menu here.
55 Within the wiki editor, no Emoticon, Symbol or Horizontal Ruler option will be implemented.
The Wiki Editor does not currently offer assistance with these items and we're not going to spend development time implementing it for this spec.


Requirement Reference Task Estimate Notes
  Create new TinyMCE Menu 0.5d  
30 New plugin websection in the menu 0.5d The "Document Browser" from the Office Connector will present itself here.
10,20,30,40,45,50,60,70 Launching the appropriate dialogs at the appropriate tabs 2d  
100 Context sensitive Edit button in RTE 2d  
120 Insert when already selected a previously inserted item 2d  
200, 230 Configurable Macros presented in insert menu 1d Includes the infrastructure work to store this configuration.
210 Simple admin configuration screen 0.5d Admin just builds a list of macros by name.
Optional Optional Optional Optional
210 Admin configuration screen with assistance
Includes assistance/auto-complete for admin selecting macros.
80 Insert Menu for wiki editor 2d  
130 Context sensitive Edit button in wiki editor. 2d Matt Ryall has done a lot of work in this area and will be able to provide a better estimate when he returns.
130 Bug fixing the current edit buttons in wiki editor which do not pick up context. 2d  
110 Edit option on the context menu in RTE 2d  


Complete Estimate: 18d

Excluding Optional Work: 8.5d

Warning: Sample Content
This is sample content that comes included with Confluence for the purposes of demonstrating how the product can be used.
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