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What is Galicaster-PRO ?

Galicaster-PRO (GC-PRO) is a powerful lecture and conference recording software. Running on the recommended Hardware it builds a fully featured multi-stream recording unit. GC-PRO is a compiled, optimized and enriched version of Galicaster Community-Edition Software.

Galicaster-PRO exclusive features

All the standard Galicaster Community-Edition features plus:

  • Web panel for Real-time feedback and control 
    • Real-time AV monitoring on a web-browser: Operators are able to remotely monitor audio and video in real-time,control the recording and react to solve unexpected situations on the spot. Any platform works without plugins: Desktop, Android and IOS devices
    • Profile management: edit, validate and save your profiles (*)
    • Repository management: edit metadata, browse content, download recordings as individual tracks and as a zip file, dual-stream playback...
    • Users and Roles: Users in the web panel have roles that limit what they can do (a videographer will only have access to confidence monitoring and system status, a producer will have access to the repository, etc..)
    • System information: Galicaster logs, system performance and stats...
  • Advanced Live streaming:

Galicaster PRO has the following ways to stream your content. All of them can be either pushed to an external streaming server or Galicaster can act as a streaming server itself for a small number of clients.

    • Live stream two synchronous video feeds (presenter + presentation)
      • With the same quality they are being saved to file (really high quality, high bandwidth). Can be used for campus-wide distribution.
      • A lower quality version of the previous video feeds that are being saved to file (Constant Bit Rate) and that can be used to push a stream to the web (in this case, lower quality doesn't mean bad quality)
    • A Side-By-Side stream, as a result of a predefined 50-50 split screen with the two video inputs composed as a single stream. This layout can be changed. Additionally this stream can also be saved to a file.
    • An advanced PiP stream, where analyzing in realtime the presentation video stream, we detect free space in a selected corner of the frame and overlay the presenter over that free space, so we have a PiP video that dynamically adapts and takes advantage of that free space and that can be recorded to disk and/or streamed as it is. This solution is particularly useful for streaming to small screen devices (namely mobile phones or tablets) as it takes real good advantage of the screen real state while keeping the MH premise of delivering two video streams.
  • Self-Recording wizard
  • Compiled Binary format

Standard Galicaster features

  • Live audio and video feedback over a touch interface.
  • "Recording" red light sign
  • Visual alarm on muted or low level audio.
  • No scaler needed for VGA input.
  • Advanced media manager, allowing playback, metadata edition and sorting and export operations.
  • Opencast Matterhorn compatible, performs schedule and automatic ingestion.
  • Basic manual controls of the recording: starting, stopping and pausing.
  • Remote monitoring via VNC.
  • HD and SD recording supported from HD-SDI, HDMI, component and composite video sources.
  • Support for RTP network cameras and Datapath capture cards.
  • VGA and DVI presentation recordng supported.
  • Accepts multiple audio sources.
  • Opencast-Matterhorn 1.4 compatibility.
  • REST interface plugin.

Galicaster-PRO use cases

GC-PRO is commonly used for ...

Why purchase Galicaster units and Galicaster-PRO SW from Teltek?

Teltek fosters Galicaster development and contributes actively to the Opencast Matterhorn platform. We are advisors or responsibles for several deployments of Galicaster + Opencast Matterhorn around the world that record and process hundreds of recordings every week. Our units are assembled with heavy duty computer components and subject to a rigorous QA process. Their outstanding performance in our systems in production is their best quality guarantee.

Teltek does not only provide consultation and support for Galicaster units; our areas of expertise include design, set up and install recording systems in classrooms and conference halls (possibly "recycling" existing legacy systems), set up Opencast Matterhorn clusters as a free, open source solution for automatic video processing, creation of institutional video portals, media asset management, including publication to external channels such as Youtube or iTunes-U, Moodle, Pumukit, Paella Player and more.

* Regarding the capture of slides through DVI, the unit is capable of recording VGA formats (pure and non-pure video formats) from VGA, DVI and HDMI sources (even SD sources such as composite, component video and S-Video).

Contact Teltek for more details about resolution and formats supported, as well as hardware compatibility.
Custom configurations available on demand (various combinations can be installed on the same unit).

How to Buy Galicaster-PRO ?
  • As part of a Galicaster-Unit:
    Usually GC-PRO is bought as part of a Galicaster-Unit. All Galicaster-Units now include GC-PRO pre-installed.
  • As SW licenses:
    Under certain conditions GC-PRO can be bought as a SW license.
Pricing: info@teltek.es
Special discounts for Education available

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