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Galicaster CUBE-2 (GaliCUBE-2)

What is Galicaster CUBE-2?

Galicaster CUBE-2 (GaliCUBE-2) is a mobile multistream recording station designed for mobile operations.

At first glance, Cube2's main characteristic is its case-integrated 15.4" wide touchscreen and wireless keyboard, which significantly reduces the space and time needed for setting up the recording station. Altogether, Cube2 provides mobility and a quick setup with minimun wiring.

From a hardware's point of view, it is a powerful, extremely silent, heavy-duty unit, based on an Intel i7 processor.

Main features

  • Galicaster installed and configured
    Teltek's Galicaster Cube2 has the latest Galicaster version pre-installed and ready to run with the assembled capture hardware.
  • Real-time feedback and control
    Galicaster software provides real-time feedback of both the audio and video being captured, allowing operators to monitor and control the recordings*, and react to and solve unexpected situations on the spot.
  • Prepared for automatic/manual and online/offline operation
    Galicaster Cube2 is can work offline, allowing operators to manually start/stop/edit recordings. However, it can also be connected to an Opencast Matterhorn server to receive recording schedules and automatically export them to Matterhorn, thus minimizing the time between recording and publishing.
  • Compatible with many video devices
    Galicaster Cube2 works with a wide range of capture devices, from USB webcams to proffesional cameras, and is compatible with most video input formats: composite, component video, S-video, HDMI, SDI, DV... It also captures synchronously from VGA sources (e.g. a laptop or computer sharing its desktop) and audio sources (e.g. microphones, audio mixers, MP3 players, etc.).
  • Easy change between combinations of inputs
    "Input profiles" are Galicaster Cube2's mechanism to create groups of capture devices that can be previewed and recorded together. Thus, users can switch from recording a single video to capture a multi-camera environment in a few clicks.
  • All media accesible and ready to use
    Galicaster Cube2 also features a repository with all the recorded media. A comprehensive set of operations is available to use on the recordings in the collection, such as sort finished recordings, delete several recordings in a single operation or add metadata (title, description, name of the presenter, etc.) to the recordings.
  • Flexible encoding settings
    Users can set up some encoding parameters (such as the codec and/or the bitrate) in order to customize each of the captured video and audio files. This make it easy to integrate Galicaster with other systems that support an specific set of audio/video formats. This feature can also be used to reduce the number of steps to transcode the video (and audio) files into a format suitable for the selected distribution channels --Galicaster can simply generate files in such format.
  • Immediate remote support in units purchased to Teltek
    Teltek's staff can access a Galicaster unit through a secure connection, in order to provide immediate technical support on client's request.

Cube2 use cases

Galicaster Cube2 is commonly used for mobile operations. Its compact design with a small form-factor case with an integrated screen makes it very easy to transport the unit to the desired location, set it up with almost no wires required and be ready to record in a few minutes.

Together with an OnWheels kit LINK, your unit and auxiliary hardware (camera, tripod, wires, audio board...) can be comfortably transported in an protected wheeled case. Everything in a single bundle and safe from accidents.

If so required (even though it is not the primary goal it was designed for), Galicaster Cube2 can be used as a fixed recording station in a classroom, MOOC studio or conference hall.

Galicaster Cube2 models

Galicaster units can capture multiple video formats and combine different audiovisual sources. The most frequent combinations to record a camera feed + slides include:

GaliCUBE2-DVI-SD ( DVI + SD inputs )
  • Camera: S-Video, Composite and Components in PAL/NTSC formats.
  • Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber (resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware).
  • Audio may be embedded in the video stream or separate.
GaliCUBE2-DVI-FW ( DVI + FW inputs )
  • Camera: DV-PAL through Firewire.
  • Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber (resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware).
  • Audio embedded in the DV stream.
GaliCUBE2-DVI-HDSDI ( DVI + HDSDI inputs )
  • Camera: HD-SDI recording through coaxial cable.
    • Compatible with HD Videoformats compliant with SMPTE 259M and 292M.
    • Backwards-compatible with SD-SDI (PAL and NTSC).
  • Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware.
  • Audio may be embedded in the video stream or separate.
GaliCUBE2-DVI-HDMI ( DVI + HMDI/composite inputs )
  • Camera: HDMI recording for SD and HD video formats ( PAL/NTSC, 720p and 1080p).
    • Composite, Components and S-Video recording also available
    • Compatible with HD Videoformats compliant with SMPTE 259M and 292M.
  • Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, capturable resolutions includes Full HD.
  • Audio embedded on the HDMI stream.
    • Analogic audio can be embedded on the HDMI stream or recorded appart.

Why purchase Galicaster units from Teltek?

Teltek fosters Galicaster development and contributes actively to the Opencast Matterhorn platform. We are advisors or responsibles for several deployments of Galicaster + Opencast Matterhorn around the world that record and process hundreds of recordings every week. Our units are assembled with heavy duty computer components and subject to a rigorous QA process. Their outstanding performance in our systems in production is their best quality guarantee.

Teltek does not only provide consultation and support for Galicaster units; our areas of expertise include design, set up and install recording systems in classrooms and conference halls (possibly "recycling" existing legacy systems), set up Opencast Matterhorn clusters as a free, open source solution for automatic video processing, creation of institutional video portals, media asset management, including publication to external channels such as Youtube or iTunes-U, Moodle, Pumukit, Paella Player and more.

* Regarding the capture of slides through DVI, the unit is capable of recording VGA formats (pure and non-pure video formats) from VGA, DVI and HDMI sources (even SD sources such as composite, component video and S-Video).

Contact Teltek for more details about resolution and formats supported, as well as hardware compatibility.
Custom configurations available on demand (various combinations can be installed on the same unit).

- click on the image to enlarge -

Pricing: info@teltek.es
Special discounts for Education available


Size Width: 15'5 cm (5")
Height: 14 cm (4.6 ")
Depth: 8 cm (2")
Weight 7 kg (15 lb.) approx
Screen wide touch-screen 15.1"
Native resolution 720p
Core i7-2700K
Storage* 500 GB HDD RAID-1 by HW
Fans <19 dB (silent)
Mini-tower (mini-itx)
Remote support
available on demand

* Custom configurations available on request

Optional wireless keyboard & touchpad available

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