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Galicaster 1.2.0 released

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August 24th 2012

After a hard-working spring and summer Galicaster 1.2.0 comes to light with many new features and

We've adapted Galicaster to run on Ubuntu 12.04 and take advantage on the upgrades on the operative system. This way we've improved the Blackmagic cards plugin to support multiple devices and audio recording. We've included firewire (DV) and NCast digitizers among our oficially supported cards. And we've made available audio and video mock sources for testing purposes.

On the media management side, we've worked on provide new and enhanced export operations. Now, Galicaster is able to export to zip and create side-by-side copies of the media recorded. In addition we've improved the operation management system, allowing immediate and nocturne triggering of every operation. Every immediate operation is enqueued, thus resolved sequentially.

Accompanying this release, we've opened a twitter account where we will talk about our current works, announce new releases, inform of improvements on the documentation, share experiences and any other news related to Galicaster.


Main improvements

  • Running in Ubuntu 12.04
  • Input profile selection
  • New and improved card support
    • Firewire (DV)
    • Audio and video test sources
    • Improvements for Blackmagic, adaptation to Ubuntu 12.04 new plugin
  • Errors on devices captured
  • New exporting operation
    • Export to Zip
    • Export to Side-by-side Beta
  • Enhanced operations management
    • Manual, nocturne and immmediate triggering
    • Operations enqueued and resolved in sequence
    • Separate ingesting automatic behaviour for manual and scheduled recordings
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