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Its content should be read with caution till further notice.

h4. What is Galicaster TOTEM ?

Galicaster TOTEM is semi-mobile all-in-one recording unit ideal for a room with multiple uses, temporal installations or facilities with mobile elements.
Galicaster TOTEM is semi-mobile recording unit, ideal for multipurpose rooms, temporary setups or facilities with mobile elements.

Galicaster TOTEM is build with a standard 14U rack and a tactile widescreen installed on a pole to be viewed or controlled from an standing position. The rack leaves space not only for the computer but also for auxiliary hardware such us audio mixer and processor, Video scalers and splitters, wireless stations for peripherals ... Thus converting a Galicaseter TOTEM on a mobile mini-studio, all in one element.
Galicaster TOTEM is built with a standard 14U rack and a wide touchscreen installed on a pole, so that the unit can be used while standing. This is all installed on a wheeled base, making the whole structure mobile.

The rack has enough room for the computer itself and auxiliary hardware, such as an audio board, audio processor(s), video scalers, video splitters, wireless stations for peripherals, etc. Therefore, with the right equipment, Galicaster TOTEM can be seen as a compact mobile mini-studio.

h4. Galicaster TOTEM use cases

Galicaster TOTEM is typically used in scenarios such us:
- *Seminars in small rooms*. The speaker could place the unit in a handy place for controling of his/her choice without interfering on the lecture or placed in the audience for a attendant or operato to control it.
- *Mobile capture unit in adyacent classrooms*. Instead of placing an unit on every classroom or moving lectures to a specific room, the unit is moved on demand to facilities with minimun adaptation for recording purposes.
- *Medical teaching*. A mobile unit such us Galicaster TOTEM is specially useful on medical teaching, since it can be placed as a synchornous multicamera recorder and visualizer at the same time.
Galicaster TOTEM is specially suitable for scenarios like:

- *Seminars in small rooms*.
The unit may be placed next to the speaker, where they can operate it directly with a minimum impact on the lecture or speech. Otherwise, an external operator may be monitoring the unit (in this case, possibly from the audience's standpoint).

h4. Main features
- *Mobile capture unit in contiguous classrooms*.
Setting up all (or many) rooms with a complete recording system may not be affordable in some cases, and record all the lectures in the same classroom may not always be possible. Instead, the same Galicaster TOTEM unit may be shared accross different rooms that are close to each other, thus saving installation costs and making a better use of the space available.

- *Galicaster 1.3 installed and configured*
Teltek's Galicaster CUBE2 has [Galicaster 1.3.0|Galicaster:Download Galicaster] pre-installed, tested and ready to run with the assembled capturing hardware.
- *Medical training*.
A mobile unit such as Galicaster TOTEM is specially useful on practical Medicine training, since it can record from several cameras synchronously (which may later be used as supplementary material) and display them to the audience at the same time.

- *Real-time feedback and control*
Galicaster software provides real-time feedback from the captured inputs, both audio and video, allowing operators to monitor and control the recordings* and react and solve unexpected situations on site.
h4. Powered by Galicaster Software

- *Prepared for automatic-manual and online-offline functioning*
Galicaster CUBE2 is meant for mobile offline operations providing human control over the recordings. However it can be connected to an Opencast Matterhorn server, receiving schedules and uploading recordings automatically for processing and publishing just after the recording, thus minimizing the time between recording and publication and improving the automatization of the system. The uploading can be made manually anytime, when the unit is connected to a network.
Galicaster Totem comes with the latest version of the Galicaster software installed, tested and ready to run. With Galicaster you will be able to:
* Easily change your recording profile to serve different purposes: go from a screencast (one screen video + audio) to full dual-video recordings (camera to shot the speaker + screen video + audio) in a couple clicks.
* Get full control on recordings through a simple touchscreen interface.
* Review recordings immediately after they are finished.
* Configure the format of the output media files to serve your needs (e.g. to import videos in a legacy system that requires a certain format or publish them directly in a certain distribution channel).

- *Adaptable to many video devices*
Galicaster CUBE2 is addaptable to many video devices, from USB webcams to profesional cameras, and compatible with most signals formats: composite, components, svideo, HDMI, SDI, DV ... It also captures synchronously from VGA sources (a laptop or a computer, for instance) and audio sources such as microphones, audio mixers or a MP3 player.

- *Easy change between device combinations*
Galicaster CUBE2 will walk you through the selection of combinations of this devices, known as profiles. Therefore, you can use the same unit to record just one video or install a multicamera environment and shift between profiles in a few clicks. Profiles also provide a quick way to change between parameters like resolution, framerate ...

- *All media accesible and operative*
GaliCUBE2 also features a repository with all the recorded media, with a comprehensive set of operations to manage the collection: sorting old recordings, deleting many recordings in a single operation, sending and resending media to the distribution channels, ingesting to Opencast-Matterhorn servers, adding information to the recordings, etc.

- *Flexibility on codec and bitrate selection
Galicaster software provides a high flexibility on recording matters. Galicaster allows you to choose the encoding and bitrate of each of your streams (typically 2 videos and 1 audio) giving the option of creating light files ready to be published without further processing . Also, recordings can be exported from the separated stream-style (each source in one fil) to a *customizable side-by-side composition of the original files.

h4. Why purcharse Teltek's Galicaster units?

Teltek's is the developer of Galicaster and also a contributor to the Opencast Matterhorn platform. We work as responsibles or advisors to several deployments of Galicaster + Opencast Matterhorn around the world and we handle dozens of hours of recordings every week.

Galicaster units answer the needs for a constant development and integration within the system administration of your institution or company allowing the use of typical monitoring tools. Our units are assembled as clonics computers with mainstream heavy duty computer components which pass additional testing and resist the day-to-day work of production systems.

In addition, Teltek provides advise and support not only for your unit but also for the *adaptation and enhacement of facilities* to a renewed multistream environment, the *set up of a Opencast Matterhorn cluster* and the *publishing of media* through channels such as Youtube, iTunes-U, media portals, Moodle, Pumukit, Paella Player and others.

Teltek's units are configured to activate a secure network channel to provide immediate remote support.

h4. Galicaster TOTEM models

Galicaster units can capture multiple video formats and combine different audivisual sources, even several combinations on the same unit. For simplicity we include the usual camera+slides capture combinations, including:
Galicater TOTEM's is specifically designed for a dual-stream recording. This includes a camera feed using a certain technology (S-Video, DV, SDI or HDMI) and another video feed capturing a computer or laptop screen (or any device able to produce a VGA, DVI or HDMI output, such as video players, TVs, mobile phones, beamers, etc.).

Galicaster units can capture multiple video formats and combine different audiovisual sources. The most frequent combinations to record a camera feed + slides include:

h5. SD + DVI

h5. SD + DVI

Ideal to keep using your SD video cameras.
* Camera: Svideo, S-Video, Composite and Components oin PAL/NTSC formats.
* Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, capturable resolutions includes Full HD.
* Audio can be embedded on the SD stream.
* Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber (resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware).
* Audio may be embedded in the video stream or separate.

h5. FW + DVI

Adapted to legacy DV video cameras.
** Camera: DV-PAL through fFirewire.
** Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, capturable resolutions includes Full HD.
** Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber (resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware).
** Audio embedded oin the DV stream.


h5. HD-SDI + DVI

* Camera: HD-SDI recording through coaxial cable.
** Compatible with HD Videoformats compliant with SMPTE 259M and 292M.
** Backwards -compatible with SD-SDI (PAL and NTSC).
* Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, capturable resolutions includes Full HD.
* Audio embedded on the SDI stream.
** Analogic audio can be recorded appart.
* Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware.
* Audio may be embedded in the video stream or separate.


h5. HDMI + DVI

* Camera: HDMI recording for SD and HD video formats ( pal/ntsc, PAL/NTSC, 720p and 1080p).
** Composite, Components and S-Video recording also available
** Compatible with HD Videoformats compliant with SMPTE 259M and 292M.
* Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber, capturable resolutions includes Full HD.

\* When refering to DVI slides capturing, the unit is capable of recording VGA formats (video and non-pure video formats) from VGA, DVI and HDMI sources (even SD sources such as composite, components and Svideo). Analogic inputs are digitalized and interlacing removed , if present.
h4. Why purchase Galicaster units from Teltek?

Teltek fosters Galicaster development and contributes actively to the Opencast Matterhorn platform. We are advisors or responsibles for several deployments of Galicaster + Opencast Matterhorn around the world that record and process hundreds of recordings every week. Our units are assembled with heavy duty computer components and subject to a rigorous QA process. Their outstanding performance in our systems in production is their best quality guarantee.

Teltek does not only provide consultation and support for Galicaster units; our areas of expertise include *design, set up and install recording systems in classrooms and conference halls* (possibly "recycling" existing legacy systems), *set up Opencast Matterhorn clusters* as a free, open source solution for automatic video processing, creation of *institutional video portals*, *media asset management*, including publication to external channels such as Youtube or iTunes-U, Moodle, Pumukit, Paella Player and more.

\* Regarding the capture of slides through DVI, the unit is capable of recording VGA formats (pure and non-pure video formats) from VGA, DVI and HDMI sources (even SD sources such as composite, component video and S-Video).

*Contact Teltek for more details on about resolution and format specifications formats supported, as well as hardware compatibility.*
_Custom configurations available on demand, (various combinations can be installed on the same unit)._



h5. Pricing: [info@teltek.es|mailto:info@teltek.es]

{align:center}Special education discount available{align}
!Imagen 002r3b.jpg|thumbnail, border=1,width=300!

!cube2_view.png|thumbnail, border=1,width=300!
*\- click on the image to enlarge -*

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*Galicaster Totem setup demo*


| *Size* | Width: 15'5 cm (5") \\
Height: 14 cm (4.6 ") \\
Depth: 8 cm (2") |
| *Weight* | 14 kg (30 lb.) approx |
| *Size* | N/A |
| *Weight* | N/A |
| *Screen* | Tactile Widescreen 15.1" Wide touchscreen \\
Several sizes and models\\
Native resolution 720p 1080p |
| *CPU* \\
*Memory\** \\ | Core i7-2700K \\
| *Storage\** | 500 GB HDD RAID-1 by HW |
| *Fans* | <19 dB (silent)\\ |
| *Case* \\ | Mini-tower (mini-itx) \\ |
| *PC Case* \\ | Rack 4U \\ |
| *Remote support*\\ | available on demand\\ |


*\* Custom specifications can be ordered*
*\* Custom configurations available on request*

*Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad can be included*
*Optional wireless keyboard & touchpad available*

\\ \\


h5. Pricing: [info@teltek.es|mailto:info@teltek.es]

{align:center}Special discounts for Education available{align}

!Imagen 017r2b.jpg|border=1,width=300!