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h3. *Trunk version*

0.1 Recording prototype
0.2 Basic User Interface
0.6 Mediapackage managing integrated

0.65 Metadata edition - *1st alpha version*
0.66 Vumeter
0.68 Seeking

0.65 Metadata edition - *Considered first alpha version*
0.66 Vumeter0.68 Seeking
0.7 Repository module: Massive recording management
0.71 Player integrated on repository
0.72 Metadata edititon integrated on repository
0.73 Ingest, Delete and Export/Import Zip

*Currently developing*
0.80 Pypi design
0.81 iCal Handling
0.82 Matterhorn Scheduler
0.83 Heavy task  threading

0.7 Massive Recording Management
*Current Development*

*Beta version*

On a short period of time we will be able to release the first beta version which will have the following features:
Integrated Recorder & Player
Metadata administration
Easy recording management
Basic sound and video control
0.9 UI Device Configurator
Advanced Audio control

*Future features*

Automatic Ingest on Opencast Matterhorn 1.2
Sound Control
Device Configuration interface
h3. *Galicaster Class*

*(based on trunk 0.8)*

0.1 Recording alone version

Touchscreen interface
Audio warning
Event timer

h3. *Galicaster Mobile*

*(based on trunk 0.9)*

*Future features*
Hardware Configuration Assistant
Compatibility with more cards
Full Graphic Interface User
Remote control