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Galicaster CUBE-2 (GaliCUBE-2)

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- *Real-time feedback and control*
Galicaster software provides real-time feedback of both the audio and video being captured, allowing operators to monitor and control the recordings\*, and react to and solve unexpected situations on the spot.

- *Prepared for automatic/manual and online/offline operation*

- *Flexible encoding settings*
Users can set up some encoding parameters (such as the codec and/or the bitrate) in order to customize each of the captured video and audio files. This make it easy to integrate Galicaster with other systems that support an specific set of audio/video formats. This feature can also be used to reduce the number of steps to transcode the video (and audio) files into a format suitable for the selected distribution channels \--Galicaster can simply generate files in such format.

- *Immediate remote support in units purchased to Teltek*

h5. SD + DVI

h5. GaliCUBE2-DVI-SD ( DVI + SD inputs )

* Camera: S-Video, Composite and Components in PAL/NTSC formats.
* Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber (resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware).

h5. FW + DVI

h5. GaliCUBE2-DVI-FW ( DVI + FW inputs )

** * Camera: DV-PAL through Firewire.
** * Slides: VGA/DVI/HDMI framegrabber (resolutions up to Full HD depending on the hardware).
** * Audio embedded in the DV stream.


h5. HD-SDI + DVI
h5. GaliCUBE2-DVI-HDSDI ( DVI + HDSDI inputs )

* Camera: HD-SDI recording through coaxial cable.

h5. HDMI + DVI
h5. GaliCUBE2-DVI-HDMI ( DVI + HMDI/composite inputs )

* Camera: HDMI recording for SD and HD video formats ( PAL/NTSC, 720p and 1080p).

\* Regarding the capture of slides through DVI, the unit is capable of recording VGA formats (pure and non-pure video formats) from VGA, DVI and HDMI sources (even SD sources such as composite, component video and S-Video).

*Contact Teltek for more details about resolution and formats supported, as well as hardware compatibility.*

h5. Pricing: [info@teltek.es|mailto:info@teltek.es]
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