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Galicaster RACK (GaliRACK)

What is Galicaster RACK ?

Galicaster RACK (former Galicaster Class) is a complete multistream recording station designed for fixed operation.

In terms of hardware, GaliRACK is a powerful unit powered by an Intel i7 CPU, 4U rackable chassis, extremely silent, based on heavy duty components ready for 24/7 operation. All ports are on the front of the unit for easy deployment and support. It is just 35 cm deep. GaliRACK is perfect for realtime encoding 2 HD streams at the same time.

As a professor, how do I operate GaliRACK?

GaliRACK systems are usually deployed with a touch screen (see our Classroom KIT). Professors only need to worry about this screen. It provides a continuous visual feedback of what is being recorded. Besides, a pop-up window will show up if the audio is too low, if the microphone is mistakenly muted or if it ran out of batteries.

Audio may also be turned off and on at will, so the professor can choose not to get some parts of their speech recorded if they desire to.

Some basic actions - start, pause and stop - are also available, allowing a finer control on the recording. This way, the professor can prevent undesired fragments like lecture breaks, exercise resolutions, etc., from being recorded.

Galicaster RACK models:
  • GaliRACK-DVI 
    • Ready for HD-USB cameras
    • Perfect for a full classroom solution with our Classroom KIT
  • GaliRACK-DVI-SD 
    • Great to reuse your existent SD video infrastructure)
    • inputs: VGA/DVI framegraber in + Composite video PAL/NTSC in
    • Great for professional HD-SDI video quality)
    • inputs: VGA/DVI framegraber in + SDI and HD-SDI in
    • Great to build Polimedia-like recording facilities
    • inputs: VGA/DVI framegraber in, HDMI in
    • Great to record from H323/H239 videoconferencing devices
    • inputs: 2 x HDMI in
  • Other configurations on demand
Common specifications
  • Intel i7 CPU
  • 2x500GB HDD (RAID-1 hardware controller)
  • 4U rackable box with silent power supply
  • VGA video input up to 1920x1200 @ 35 fps
  • Latest version of Galicaster SW installed and tested
  • Ready for Remote supervision
  • Ready for TELTEK Remote support
Capturer-Worker configuration.

When deployed as part of an Opencast-Matterhorn infrastructure, GaliRACK can capture lectures during the day and, it can be configured to become a worker (the servers that post-process recordings) during the night. This way, every new recording unit will increases processing power of the full Matterhorn system and you will not need to spend money increasing processing power in your datacenter as number of recording ready classrooms grows.

Pricing: info@teltek.es

Special education discounts available

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