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Galicaster Dashboard

What is Galicaster Dashboard ?

Galicaster Dashboard is a web-based solution to monitor and manage large fleets of Capture Agents. Galicaster Dashboard takes advantage of the Opencast Matterhorn capture agent API, so any agent implementing it can be accessed by the Dashboard, including Galicaster and the standard capture agent.

Its main features are:

  • Compatible with Galicaster units and Opencast Matterhorn standard capturers.
  • It's a standard Opencast-Matterhorn Bundle.
  • Gathers of information such as: state, logs, free space, active tracks, etc.
  • Overview the agent's UI through screen snapshots updated every few seconds.
  • Manage your recording schedule in a drag-and-drop calendar (Google Calendar style).
  • Access to the agent via VNC and SSH.

Galicaster Dashboard Main features (Screencast)

View modes

Galicaster Dashboard provides two views: a panel view to monitor your agents providing auto-refreshed screenshots and basic data, and a calendar view, where the recording schedule can be easily checked and modified. In both cases, the agents on the screen can be filtered according to different criteria, so that only the relevant information is displayed.

Galicaster Dashboard UI

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Panel View

The panel view is aimed to monitor the agents in your installation. Agents can be filtered by their status or their upcoming events, and also hidden at will. Screenshots are refreshed automatically.

The panel view has two layouts:

  • A mosaic with screenshots of all the agents and shortcuts to the main actions.
  • A table listing all the agents with detailed information such as state, free disk space, next recording, etc.

Mosaic layout

From the mosaic view we can see the agent status with a preview (screenshot) of their UI. The following actions are available by pressing on the different buttons on the screen:

  • Info: The agent view information (explained later).
  • Calendar: The recording schedule of the given agent.
  • Connect: Start a VNC connection to the agent, so that it can be operated remotely (Galicaster only).
  • Hide: Stop displaying the agent in the mosaic.

Table layout

The table layout provides a more detailed collection of information including: duration of the last recording, next recording, free disk space, audio and video feedback, etc. There are also shortcuts to a detailed view of the agent's screen and tools to review the agent configuration, logs and access via ssh (coming soon!).

Agent View

The agent view displays a screenshot of the agent's interface (updated automatically), and a table with useful information including the current loaded profile. There are also shortcuts to other tools available also in the table layout.

Calendar View

The calendar provides an interface to browse and review the recordings in your capture agents.

Download Galicaster Dashboard (1.0.0-RC1)

By downloading, you agree to the non-commercial license.
(Commercial licenses also available under request)

If you are looking for the source code of any release of Galicaste-Dashboard, take a look into the Release Archive. You also can consult our Git repository for development and source-code information.



Panel view - Mosaic layout

Panel view - Table layout

Calendar view

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