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Galicaster Class (old)

Galicaster Class is the first full working version of Galicaster. It's adapted to a classroom environment and designed to work as an designed to work as an automatic capture agent connected to an Opencast-Matterhorn 1.2 server, allowing us to schedule multiple recordings remotely and ingest them automatically - for those who don't know the Matterhorn schematics, the recording would be sent to the server where it will be processed and published afterwards.

On the user perspective, the teacher-user would have a preview of both camera and presentation, a recording pilot light as well as a timer for the next start or stop of a recording. On the audio side, Galicaster Class comes with a simple VU meter and a automatic warning if the microphone its muted.

Check out the screencast we made showing the basic features on the GClass prototype or take a closer look to the interface on the margin.

  • Tactile interface
  • Remote scheduled recording
  • Timing visualization
  • Manual Recording
  • User privilege managment
  • Muted audio warning and vumeter
  • Pausable recordings

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