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h2. Main documentation
h3. Galicaster in 4 steps (Download and install documentation)

* [Download introduction|Download Galicaster]
Including links to the latest release, the release archive and the 4 steps guideline
# Step 1:Hardware
#* [Hardware recommendations]
#* [Hardware table|Compatible hardware]
#** includes a list of devices and cards, listed [here|#hardware]
# Step 2: Installation
#* [Installation|Software installation]
#** includes Deb installation, Source code installation, pre-requisits, requirements and dependencies
** [Galicaster:Release Archive]
** [Upgrade|Galicaster:Upgrading from older versions]
#* *Drivers PENDING PAGE*
# Step3: Configuration
#* [Basic configuration|Galicaster configuration]
#** includes Opencast Matterhorn Configuration
#* [Galicaster:Plugins]
#* [Galicaster:Input Profiles]
#** includes list of device modules, listed [here|device-modules]
# Step 4: Enjoy it
* #* [Galicaster:User Guide]
* Administration guide
* Developer guide
* [Galicaster:Download Galicaster]
* [Galicaster:Release Archive]
* [Github|https://github.com/teltek]
#** includes pages for Recorder, Media Manager, Metadata, Operations and 3 brief guides about preparations of a recording.
#* *PENDING the Scenario page*

Completing the *guide*
* [Galicaster:FAQ] *UPDATE NEEDED* or Delete
* Roadmap and lines of development *PENDING*

h3. More documentation (need update)

* [Galicaster:Community]
** [Github|https://github.com/teltek]
* Solutions
** [Galicaster + Materhorn|1.2.0 Galicaster Configuration] (need updata)
** Scenarios
*** [Classroom|Galicaster:Galicaster Class] (need update)
*** [Mobile|Galicaster:Galicaster Mobile]
*** [AG|Galicaster:Galicaster, Matterhorn Recorder for AccessGrid]
*** [Polimedia|Galicaster based Polimedia MOOC-Studio]
** [Teltek|Galicaster:Galicaster units by TELTEK - Overview]
*** [RACK|Galicaster:Galicaster RACK (GaliRACK)]
*** [CUBE|Galicaster:Galicaster CUBE (GaliCUBE)]*** Kit
** Use Cases
** [Galicaster:Testimonials]

h3. User guide
* [Recorder|Galicaster:User Guide - Recorder]
** Prepare [Preparing for a recording|User Guide - Preparing for a recording]
** [Scheduled recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Scheduled recordings]
** [Manual recording|User Guide - Manual recordings]
* [Media manager|Galicaster:User Guide - Media Manager]
** [Metadata|User Guide - Metadata]
** [Operations|Galicaster:User Guide - Operations]

h3. Administration guide
* [Installation|Galicaster:Software installation]
** Source code
* Basic configuration
* [Input profile configuration|Galicaster:Input Profiles]
* Opencast Matterhorn communication
* [Galicaster:FAQ]
* Roadmap and lines of development

h3. Device plugins modules
* [V4L2 |Galicaster:V4l2 device plugin]- module]- generic plugin
* [Pulse |Pulse device plugin]- module]- audio plugin
* [Epiphan |Galicaster:Epiphan device plugin]- module]- Epiphan framegrabbers
* [Datapath|Galicaster:Datapath device plugin]
* [Datapath|Datapath device module]
* [Blackmagic |Galicaster:Blackmagic device plugin]- module]- Blackmagic capture cards
* [Hauppauge |Galicaster:Hauppauge device plugin]- module]- Hauppauge capture cards with hardware encoding
* [Firewire |Galicaster:Firewire device plugin]- module]- DV, HD-DV and FW professional cameras
* [Rtpvideo |RTP device plugin]- module]- Network cameras and RTP sources with hardware encoding
* Mock sources:
* [Mock sources|Galicaster:Test device modules]:
** audiotest
** videotest
* Custom source - define a customized source with a GStreamer pipeline

h3. Hardware {anchor:hardware}
* [Hardware table|Galicaster:New Capture cards table]
* [Hardware recommendations]
* [Hardware table|Compatible hardware]
* Video devices
** [Logitech c920 and BCC950|Galicaster:Logitech webcams]
** [Hauppauge PVR-350 and PVR-250|Galicaster:Hauppauge capture cards]
** [Osprey 230|Galicaster:Osprey Cards]
** [Bluecherry PV and HW encoding|Bluecherry PV and BC cards]
** [Axis network cameras|Galicaster:Axis Network Cameras]
** [Blackmagic Decklink|Galicaster:Blackmagic capture cards]
* Presentation (VGA, DVI and HDMI) capturing devices
** [Galicaster:Epiphan framegrabbers]
** [Datapath RGBVision-1es|Galicaster:Datapath video capture cards]
** [Blackmagic Intensity|Galicaster:Blackmagic capture cards]
** [Ncast digitizer|Galicaster:NCast digitizer cards]
* Audio Devices
** [Galicaster:Revolabs wireless microphones]** Devices via Motherboard soundcard inputs
** [Galicaster:Revolabs wireless microphones]
** [Devices via motherboard or soundcard|Galicaster:Audio devices through sound card]