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Galicaster capture solution is compatible with [Opencast-Matterhorn|http://opencast.org/matterhorn/]. Galicaster-based devices can work as improved Matterhorn capture agents. They can register as a capture agent, thus being able to receive scheduled recordings and ingest the resulting mediapackages automatically.

h5. Main changes on Galicaster 1.4.12

* New retry to recreate the pipeline periodically when a stream dies.
* New failovermic plugin (androidwiltron)
* New plugin to reingest recordings where the ingest has failed. (ppettit)
* Added ca_parameters to allow editing of the CA configurations.
* Add compatibility to use Opencast 1.6 and 2.0.x
* Change in the default videoencoder due to better multicore capabilities of x264enc
* Use calendar response etags to optimize requests. (Issue #64)
* New plugin (notifycrash) to send an email when a recording has failed
* Added an endpoint to close Galicaster through the rest API
* Added the option to configure the output framerate using Blackmagic devices
* Fixed bugs (See all of them in [Github CHANGELOG |https://github.com/teltek/Galicaster/blob/1.4.x/CHANGELOG])

Full list of changes [here|http://wiki.teltek.es/display/Galicaster/Release+Archive]

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