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h1. This page is a draft, please don't follow its instructions

h3. D. Troubleshooting

h4. D.1

h4. D.2 Audio problems

There is several reasons for you not having audio input, the usual ones are:

# You haven't selected the right input.

Run the following code to identify the available inputs.
pactl list | grep "Source" -A 5
Select the one you need, copy the value of _name_ and use it as the Pulse>location value, instead of default. This will fix the audio input, overwritten the one selected on the Ubuntu Sound Manager.

If the input you want to use is not there, the device is not connected properly or it isn't installed yet.

# Noise is coming through the audio input.
Power sources can add noise to the audio stream. Try connecting the Galicaster Mobile on a different plug. Do it with the monitor too. If the noise still remains you may use a Direct Injection Unite, commonly known as DI box.

# Sound level is too low.
After checking the sound level in the Sound Manager
You should realize that depending on the input you are using, some have to get on "Line" level, a commom desktop microphone might not be the right device.



h5. Noise

* Monitor
* Power supply

h5. Video malfunctioning

* Green image
* Black & White
* Black screen