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Galicaster units by TELTEK - Overview

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h3. Galicaster Form Factors

* *Galicaster RACK-2 *..... [*more info...*|Galicaster RACK (GaliRACK)]
* *Galicaster RACK-2 *
** Designed for fixed deployment

* *Galicaster CUBE-2*..... [*more info...*|http://teltek.es/portfolio/galicaster-cube-v2/://]
* *Galicaster CUBE-2*
** Designed for mobile operation

h3. Full Galicaster KITs

* *Galicaster Classroom KIT*.... [*more info...*|Galicaster:Galicaster Classroom KIT]
* *Galicaster Classroom KIT*
** All you need to set up a classroom or hall ready for recording lectures.

* *Galicaster Totem KIT*.... [more info...|http://teltek.es/portfolio/galicaster-totem-kit/]
* *Galicaster Totem KIT*
** All you need to build a stand alone wheeled recording unit
** Designed for meeting room recording or auto-recording facilities