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Galicaster capture solution is compatible with [Opencast-Matterhorn|http://opencast.org/matterhorn/]. Galicaster-based devices can work as improved Matterhorn capture agents. They can register as a capture agent, thus being able to receive scheduled recordings and ingest the resulting mediapackages automatically.

h5. New features on Galicaster 1.4.01

* Improved Galicaster stability (Stephen Marquard)
* Feature: Allow configuration of MHHTTPClient timeouts (ppettit)
* Fixed bug: Allow any case for plugin config values (JamesUoM)
* Fixed bug: Set recording state on matterhorn server when doing manual recording (ppettit)
* New rtpraw device module to record re-encoded RTP flow.
* Fixed Bug with relative log and i18n paths.
* Galicaster UI internationalization.
* New plugin (hidetabs) to customize the tabs displayed on the recording UI.
* New plugin (setuprecording) to enter a manual recording's metadata before starting it, set default values and mark some fields as required.
* First version of "hide operations" feature (still in development).
* A button in the recorder UI to swap the video streams, so that the user can customize where are they shown in the preview.
* Fixed bug: Galicaster doesn't crash anymore when a webcam is unplugged. Now you can go back and reload the profile.
* Fixed bug on forced users to click twice in pop-ups when using distributions like Xubuntu.
* Corrected some bad interactions between the no-audio dialog and other popups.
* New retry to recreate the pipeline periodically when a stream dies.
* Fixed enable pause in datapath bin.
* New failovermic plugin
* Fixed initialize plugins before loading modules
* Fixed bug in capture.cleaner.mindiskspace value (Added get_free_space in the repository).
* Added ca_parameters to allow editing of the CA configurations.
* New plugin to reingest recordings where the ingest has failed. (ppettit)
* New screen device module to record the screencast. (olabri)
* New autoaudio device module to automatically detect audio source and sink. (oaubert)
* Using autoaudiosink instead of hardcoding pulsesink in player. (oaubert)

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