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1.3.0 Release Candidate Process

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*New Features:*

* Support for RTP network sources, devices, such as Axis cameras (mpeg4 and h264)
* Custom Bin Inputs - for to define new sources with Gstreamer syntax
* External scripts for configuring devices
* Configurable encoders and muxes.
* Close session and shutwdown option on UI.
* Save crashed recordings on restart

* Ruled Vu-meter
* Configurable Side-by-side layout
* New Pop-ups decoration
* Configurable resolution for UI
* Configurable logger - location, syslog, rotation ...

*New or improved Plugins*

* Recover missed scheduled on startup
* New Check_Repository_plugin: To start missed scheduled recordings on startup
* Screen_Saver_Plugin: improved screensaver control for Ubuntu 12.04
* No_audio_dialog renewed
* Save crashed recordings on restart
* No_audio_dialog_plugin: general improvement, more comfigurable