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Galicaster, Matterhorn Recorder for AccessGrid

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h5. What is AccessGrid ?

Access Grid® (AG) is an advanced, open source, videoconference system. AG is an ensemble of resources including multimedia large-format displays, presentation and interactive environments, and interfaces to Grid middleware and to visualization environments. These resources are used to support group-to-group interactions across the Grid.

More info: [AccessGrid.org|http://www.accessgrid.org/]
More info on [AccessGrid.org|http://www.accessgrid.org/]

h5. Galicaster: Recording for AccessGrid rooms

*Key features:*
* Recording may be triggered automatically or manually.
* AG operator is are able to check sound level and quality in real time.
* AG operator is are able to check video and VGA streams quality in real time.
* Finished recordings can be browsed, played, deleted or downloaded from Galicaster as a single "zip" file (MH-Media package format)
* Recordings can be directly ingested directly to an OC-Matterhorn core for publishing.