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Blog post: Annual Sales Target - $10 million
Hello everyone, We've set the new sales target for this year and wanted to communicate it to you as soon as possible. Given our strongerthanexpected performance last fiscal year and the robustness of our pipeline, we expect to exceed last year's performance by at least ...
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Blog post: From the Frontlines at Agile Australia 2009
Last week Nick and I represented Atlassian at Agile Australia 2009 website link. We had a decent booth in a great location right infront of the conference doors and also next to the food station. On the other side of our ...
Blog post: Rare Website Luv
Usually we get compliments on our webinars and customer support. Today I got a nice compliment on our website I wanted to share with you all: Hi Boots. Thank you for contacting me. Let me congratulate your ...
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Blog post: Webinar Feedback
I got this email from a customer and thought I would share it! Matt, hi Just a quick note to thank you for the Webinar you hosted today. There was quite a group of us in attendance and it was very informative. Cheers, Thomas
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