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Blog post: Confluence 2.10 Milestone 5
Confluence team is proud to present Confluence 2.10 milestone 5. This milestone was deployed to our internal system on Friday and is the final milestone of 2.10 feature development. This milestone contains many new features and enhancements that you can read about in the release ...
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Blog post: Confluence Mentioned In Rex In-Flight Magazine
Browsing the inflight magazine for Regional Express on the way to see my family over the long weekend produced this pleasant surprise amongst the dozen or so websites reviewed in their article on 'Websites That Work' was a plug for Confluence and Atlassian. They seemed a bit vague on what ...
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Blog post: Quick HOWTO - Confluence testing with Maven
days, I find it sometimes easier to start Confluence in Maven rather than in IDEA when I want to reproduce test failures. It has a more standard classpath, for example, and matches the behaviour of Bamboo more closely. Starting Confluence in Maven ...
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Blog post: Retrospective
redgreenb.JPG align=right! What's this? We conduct process meetings every three weeks where we look back at the last three weeks, discuss what is good and what not, and try to improve the situation all the time. Every now and then (after ...
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