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Galicaster units by TELTEK - Overview

You do not have to buy any of these units to enjoy Galicaster. You can assemble your own HW, download Galicaster SW and use it for free (for non commercial use).

Why "official" Galicaster units?

You can purchase these "official" Galicaster units if you want a Galicaster-based lecture capture agent designed and assembled by the team developing and supporting Galicaster. At TELTEK we carefully select the best components based on performance and stability to assemble these Galicaster units. Before delivery, we install the Galicaster SW and deeply test the unit to ensure a professional out-of-the-box experience in your lecture capture deployments.

Galicaster Form Factors

  • Galicaster RACK-2 
    • Designed for fixed deployment
  • Galicaster CUBE-2
    • Designed for mobile operation

Full Galicaster KITs

  • Galicaster Classroom KIT
    • All you need to set up a classroom or hall ready for recording lectures.
  • Galicaster Totem KIT
    • All you need to build a stand alone wheeled recording unit
    • Designed for meeting room recording or auto-recording facilities
    • Ready for portable operation.

Galicaster Units by TELTEK

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Galicaster CUBE-2

Galicaster RACK-2

Galicaster Classroom KIT

Galicaster Totem KIT

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