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With the TaskDock Plugin you can easily assign targeted actions like commenting on content or threads, adding or updating an attachment, editing a page, adding a page, or a general task right from any Confluence page. Seamlessly complete tasks within Confluence by clicking simple action links or by replying to certain emails to comment or upload attachments. Regardless of how you do it, smart follow-up tracks what you complete, so you can focus on doing actions versus managing tasks.

Confluence as an Intranet

Confluence pages are great for collaborating on the agenda for a meeting. Using TaskDock you can make sure that everyone's voice is heard:

  1. Create a new page with suggested agenda items for a upcoming meeting
  2. Add a task to each of the meeting attendees to either comment on the page or edit the page to add their own agenda items
  3. Once the meeting is complete, add another task for the meeting attendees to update their notes from the meeting
Confluence for Documentation

When you create a new page in your documentation space which requires review, you can use the TaskDock plugin to insure it is reviewed by the right people.

  1. Create a new page the is in the draft phase
  2. Add a task for a colleague to comment on the page with any changes that need to be made before the page is ready for publishing
Confluence for Knowledge Management

If you are creating Knowledge Base articles in Confluence you can use the TaskDock plugin to ensure articles are kept up-to-date

  1. Create a new page that will be a new article in the knowledge base
  2. Add a task with a due date 1 month from now for yourself to review the page to ensure it is still a relevant article
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