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Ever heard the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words'? Using the Balsamiq Mockups Plugin you can create and visualise mockups of diagrams for proposed layouts of website content, new features, and much more, right within Confluence.

  • Our Development Team uses Balsamiq to mockup new features for our products. The Balsamiq Mockup below eventuated in the new Image Browser that shipped in Confluence 3.1.
  • Our Marketing Team use Balsamiq to create mockups of pages for our website in Confluence. The mockups are then given to our Web Team to implement.
    How to add a Mockup to an existing page
  1. Hover your cursor over the Add menu on any Confluence page
  2. Select UI Mockup
  3. Use the Balsamiq Web-based editor to complete your mockup
  4. Once you've completed your mockup, select Save and Close from the Mockup menu in the top-left of the Balsamiq editor
Watch the video
Import Existing Mockups

You can reuse a whole bunch of Mockups that have been contributed by the community.

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