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Present a visual listing of the macros that are available to the user showing the name, icon, screenshot, live view, and editable parameters and allow for simple insertion into the wiki page.


Use Cases

  1. Selects from a categorised list of macro and inserts the macro into a wiki page or comment
  2. Sees a textual description and small screenshot or icon of the macro she selects
  3. Fills in the parameters through fields (minimum: single line text field, multi-line text field, number field, select list, colour; max: date, slider) for the macro. Show defaults filled in or selected. If macro parameter type not defined, show text area
  4. Sees a live preview of certain macros that changes when a user clicks button. Shown in a frame to handle very large macros (e.g. Jira Issues)
  5. Sees an icon for the macro she selects. Favicon in list. Larger icon in description
  6. Sees number of macro in Category title
  7. On inserting can see a placeholder on the edit page. Even for body macros (e.g. note)
  8. Selects the placeholder and can edit parameters
  9. Move placeholders around the text area
  10. Inserts user macros
  11. Search the list for macro titles and description
  12. Can favourite macros, and see them in their own category. Open by default.
  13. Sees the most popular (most viewed) macros for their wiki

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