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Welcome to my personal space!

About Me

I graduated from UC Davis with a double major in English and Computer Science. I've been at Atlassian since January 2006. I currently live in the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco and try to ride my bike into the office every day. I'm always up for a good bike ride after work if anyone ever wants to join. In my younger years, I did done all sorts of cool stuff, like camp counselor, afterschool teacher, that kind of thing. In 2004, I spent 8 months back-packing around Europe with my wife. That was great fun, but also hard work. Washing your clothes in the sink can be interesting. Here are some photos from that trip.

I'm a huge gamer. Boardgames, card games, computer games, console games, anything games. Heck, I'll go ahead and set up my own pages on games later. No need to bore you folks with long and huge descriptions of gaming stuff...yet.

Finally, I do a bit of amateur photography (for those of you who are also photogs, I'm a Nikon shooter. Digital/Film, though mostly Digital.). Here are some photos I took on my last vacation.

What Stuff

My Active Projects

  • Sales Process Redesign
  • Updating Product Collateral
  • Annual Reviews

I'm an expert on

  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Sales
My Blog

ConText, my previous editor of choice, burnt me when I discovered that its 'Search backwards' function doesn't always find matches. Now I'm searching for a new file editor to do my Confluence support in.

Are there any decent Windows-based editors that you would recommend, or is Cygwin Vim the undisputed king?

I'll be using it for log trawling and editing XML, VM and Java property files. The ability to filter text (eg show only lines containing SEVERE) would be useful, …

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Labels: josh, windows, editors, dev
Confluence Mentioned In Rex In-Flight Magazine

Browsing the in-flight magazine for Regional Express on the way to see my family over the long weekend produced this pleasant surprise - amongst the dozen or so websites reviewed in their article on 'Websites That Work' was a plug for Confluence and Atlassian. They seemed a bit vague on what wikis actually do, describing them as "able to bring those water cooler conversations online", but went on to describe us as one of best of the bunch and included a link to our site. …

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Labels: josh, rex, confluence
Back in Action!

I'm now back in the office again after a 3 month backpacking tour of Europe. I managed 17 countries and had an amazing time, but it's good to be back after living out of a suitcase for so long. It's great to hear that Atlassian meet our amazing growth projections for the financial year and see our new sales process.

I'm looking forward to getting back into everything again. 500+ emails and many, many blog posts... …

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Labels: josh, vacation

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