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What is GaliTracker ?

GaliTracker is a smart solution to transform dual-stream Matterhorn recordings into single-stream videos for their distribution to iTunesU, YouTube or mobile devices distribution. VGA and professor videos are "glued" together side by side. Thus, the video layout is optimized by dynamically cropping and zooming the professor video. GaliTracker guarantees plenty of room for the VGA video while the professor is always present in a smaller area, but large enough for the viewers to read non verbal communication, keep them engaged, etc.

GaliTracker Core is based on algorithms property of Multimedia Technologies Research Group - University of Vigo.

How does it Work ?

Professor video is recorded using a wideshot (not moving) HD camera. During the postprocesing of the recording, and without realtime restrictions, GaliTracker advanced algorithms track professor's face and the "Auto-Cameraman" module crops and zooms professor video automatically.

You will find several examples at the end of this page (videos could take some time to start on slow Internet connections)

Bussines Model

GaliTracker is a technology scouting project by Teltek in liaison with University of Vigo Multimedia Technologies Research Group and is currently focused on a local customer. Finding a Bussines Model around GaliTracker for international customers is still an open issue. If you are interested in GaliTracker as a customer please contact us --we are keen to hear from you.

More Info

For more info please email to: info@teltek.es

Dynamic Side by Side (with GaliTracker)

Professor Video + Tracking data overlay (no audio)

Professor Video: Original + Processed

Static Side by Side (without GaliTracker)

More examples:

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