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_This page is updated to the 2.1 release_

You are about to download a Galicaster software release. This software runs at the core of every Galicaster unit. With Galicaster you can record multistream videos in an easy way. Having your Galicaster up and running is very easy:

h3. Galicaster in 4 steps

h4. +Step 1+: Get your Hardware

Each specific application of Galicaster calls for certain computer requirements. You can check those in the section *[Hardware recommendations|]*.

{info}{_}A more detailed introduction to the hardware is available on our_ _[compatible hardware table|]__._{info}

h4. +Step 2+: Install Galicaster

Once the hardware is installed, follow the *[Software Installation guide|]*

To install the drivers of the capture devices check our [Compatible hardware|] and visit the Info & Driver of any device or capture card.

{note}If you already have a Galicaster running, please check the [upgrading|]_ documentation.{note}

h4. +Step 3+: Configure the system

Once installed, you need to configure Galicaster according to your needs. Take a look to the [Galicaster configuration|] guideline.

h4. +Step 4+: Enjoy\!

When everything is in place, please take a look to our *[User Guide|]* in order to get started.

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If you have any doubts or comments, consider subscribing to the galicaster community mailing-list:
{center}*[Galicaster Community|Community]* *@*{center}

This documentation will be improved progressively, so do not hesitate to make suggestions.

Feel free to ask your doubts and make suggestions about Galicaster (and its documentation) to [].


h5. Galicaster License

{center}By downloading, you agree to the [non-commercial license|].
(Commercial licenses also available under request){center}




h5. Documentation

# [Hardware recommendations|]
#* [Compatible hardware|]
# [Software installation|]
#* [Upgrading from older versions|]
#* [Galicaster:Release Archive]
# [Galicaster configuration|].
#* [Input profiles|]
#** [Device module configuration|]
#* [Plugins|]
# [User's Guide|]
#* [Recorder|]
#* [Media Manager|]


h5. Source code

If you are looking for the source code of any release of Galicaster, take a look into the [Release Archive|Galicaster:Release Archive]

You also can consult our [Git repository|] for development and source-code information.