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Galicaster is usually used with automaticaly scheduled recordings, however manual recordings are also available.

h4. Profiles

Profiles are groups of inputs recording at the same time. Depending on your Galicaster unit configuration you may have a fixed profile or multiple options. Consult the IT or audivisual responsible for your facility for more information on this matter.

Profiles can offer combinations such us:
* Camera + Presentation + Audio
* Presentation + Audio
* Camera + Audio

h5. User Guide

* [Recorder|User Guide - Recorder]
** [Preparing for a recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Preparing for a recording]
** [Scheduled recordings|Galicaster:User Guide - Scheduled recordings]
** *[Manual recordings|User Guide - Manual recordings]*
* [Media Manager|User Guide - Media Manager]
** [Metadata|Galicaster:User Guide - Metadata]
** [Operations|Galicaster:User Guide - Operations]


Appart for this three combinations there can be other alternatives:
* Profiles with different cameras
* Profiles with different resolutions
* An additional backup audio input
* A profile with a different audio input - computer

h4. Before starting a manual recording

Before starting the recording make sure the computer is connected and sharing the screen. Also place the microphone in position and check its audio level - power on and unmute it.

Check the range of the camera, to avoid leaving it.

h4. Editing metadata

A new manual recording won't have any metadata. Introduce the title of the recording as well as the name of the presenter. Include any additional detail on the _Description_ field.
Metadata can be edited during the recording or in the Media Manager - if accessible. Introduce the metadata at the beggining or at the end of the recording since the recording will be possibly trimmed later.

If you forget to introduce the metadata, write it down, including the time and approximate duration of the recording, so it can and the metadata to edit it later. In castitle

See [Metadata|Galicaster:User Guide - Metadata] for more information of editing metadata.