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Scheduled recordings are automatic recordings that barely need human interventation. This page enumerates a series of question and answer to help you go through a usual scheduled recording.

h5. Starting countdown

Before a scheduled recording starts a countdown appears on the panel on the bottom right side of the Recorder area. If the countdown is hidden touch on the *Event* tab of the pannel.
h5. User Guide

* [Recorder|User Guide - Recorder]
** [Preparing for a recording|Galicaster:User Guide - Preparing for a recording]
** *[Scheduled recordings|Galicaster:User Guide - Scheduled recordings]*
** [Manual recordings|User Guide - Manual recordings]
* [Media Manager|User Guide - Media Manager]
** [Metadata|Galicaster:User Guide - Metadata]
** [Operations|Galicaster:User Guide - Operations]


h5. Recording already started

If the recording has already started don't worry, the unused time at the beggining of the recording will be removed later. So, connect your computer, load your presentation and remember to place and unmute the microphone.

h5. Stoping countdown
Once the recording has started a countdown will inform you of the remaining time of the lecture. This time can't be extended.

h5. Pause

Depending on the capture devices of your Galicaster unit you can pause the recording several times. Then the lecture recordingduration will shrink. If at the scheduled stop the recording is still paused it will end as expected.

h5. Stop before the countdown

If you want you can stop the recording before the scheduled stop to eliminate the unused remaining time.

If you want to make another recording, please follow the instructions on [User Guide - Manual recordings]