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h4. What is Polimedia ?

"Polimedia" is an audiovisual format and a production procedure designed originally by the [Polytechnic University of Valencia|] (UPV) Media Service.

In Polimedia "learning pills", the video of the presenter and his/her presentation (PowerPoint or any VGA Computer screen) are blended together in a visually appealing way. Polimedia format works great on mobile devices too.

The production of "Polimedia pills" is easy and inexpensive, using a "Polimedia MOOC-Studio" for recording and an OpenSource based post processing procedure (also developed by UPV).

More info on [Polimedia|] (in Spanish, sorry)

h4. Galicaster-based Polimedia MOOC-Studio

Galicaster can be succesfully used as the core multistream recorder of a Polimedia MOOC-Studio.

*Key Rationals:*
* All Polimedia MOOC-Studio recording controls on a single touch screen.
* Raw recordings can be immediately browsed, played, deleted or downloaded from Galicaster.
* Raw recordings can be Polimedia post-processed or ingested directly to an OC-Matterhorn system in one click.
* Use the same technology for Lecture capture and Polimedia Recording. Keep it simple.

TELTEK MOOC-Studio related services:
* Consulting and design services
* Turnkey Galicaster MOOC-Studios
* Polimedia "pills" production
More info: [|]



{center}{*}Polimedia samples (try 720p)*  {center}

h4. Polimedia MOOC-Studio components

!MiniSet components.jpg|align=center,border=1,width=900!

# Control & recording station  (Galicaster, audio mixer, etc...)
# Light panels
# Background
# Main reference screen
# Secondary reference screen
# Camera
# Presenter table, mouse and keyboard (when needed)

h4. Galicaster based Polimedia production workflow

!Galicaster4Polimedia v0.3_OK.jpg|align=center,border=0,width=900!

h4. Polimedia works great on mobile devices

!DSC_0310b_web.jpg|border=1, width=950!

h4. Some "pics" while recording Polimedia learning objects



!Logo Poli_Gali.jpg|align=left,border=0,width=450!{center}