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* h4. _“ Everybody here loves your fine software, it is very polished and gives the much-needed user interface to the _{_}recording process. The touch-screen UI is just so inviting, people come into my room and just ask “what’s this thing you have” and start playing with it constantly. "_

*(Tero Kärkkäinen, Network systems administrator, University of Helsinki)*

* h4. _“ I have to say I’m really impressed with what you have done. You seem to have thought of everything. Galicaster gives the user so much feedback in terms of what is happening. It’s not often you use software and laugh out loud when it behaves so nicely. Like when I saw the “recording starting in HH:MM” after I run a schedule from my test server. It’s very easy to get around. I love it. ”_

*(Kirk Rutter, Learning Support Officer, University of the Arts London)*

* h4. _" We are very happy with first Galicaster Classrom Kit, it looks really awesome. We did some testing and it works like a charm. Great work\!. As we promised we would like now order second Galicaster Classrom Kit. "_

*(Sebastjan Mislej, tehnični direktor / co-founder, CTO / LectureHub, Lubjana, Slovenia-EU)*