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*October 9th 2012*

Galicaster 1.2.1 has been released. It fixes some bugs found in GC 1.2.0 - and provides compatibility with Ubuntu 10.10, with the intention of keeping support to legacy hardware.

It is available in [tarball|] and [deb package|] formats. The deb package will upgrade 1.2.0 without affecting current configuration or profile files.

The main improvements are:
* Zip Mediapackages larger than 4 GB.
* Side by Side supports embedded audio.
* Fetch up to 100 MH Series.
* Fully Compatible with Ubuntu 10.10.
* Improvements and fixes on audio-based device plugins.
* Fixes related to pop-up dialogs.

From this release on we will use [github|] as our version control manager, so features and bug fixes will be available earlier and development will be easier to follow. Features in development, known bugs and other interesting information will be also available.