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*What is Galicaster Class?*

Galicaster Class is a multistream recorder application designed for tactile screens to provide easy control and realtime feedback.

*Who is GClass aimed to?*

Galicaster Class is aimed to educational institutions who wants to record lectures or other educational contents on a daily basis and publish them in the shortest time posible. Moreover, GClass reduces subsequent reviews and editions to the minimum.

*As a professor, how I operate GClass?*

As a professor you only have to worry about the microphone. Place it correctly and activate it. A warning on the screen would prevent you if the audio is activated. You can turn the audio off and on whenever you want, in case you don't want something to be included.

If you need or want more control of the recording you can actived some manual features: start, pause and stop. This way you will remove useless sections of lectures like breaks, exercises ...

*How do I use GClass with Opencast Matterhorn?*

GClass acts as a basic Matterhorn capture agent. It can register as a capture agent, thus being able to receive scheduled recordings and ingest the resulting mediapackages automatically. The main improvements GClass bring up are his graphic interface, providing realtime feedbach and manual  control,  and his independency from the scheduling service and the network, once a recording is set it will be recorder even if the network is down.

*Can I use Galicaster Class with other systems?*

Yes, Galicaster Class can be adapted to any media management or publishing systems.

h4. How do Galicaster Class works?

Check out the screencast to see how GClass looks and take a look to basic features. Also avaliable on spanhis({color:#3366ff}link{color}).

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