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*{_}What is Galicaster?_*

Galicaster is a Multistream Recorder and Player designed for mobile equipment without requiring an Internet connexion, allowing us to record, tag and review multistream material, all together in one application.

Galicaster is designed to be compatible with the Opencast Matterhron project. The [Opencast Matterhorn|] project, an international, free, open-source effort on educational multimedia content from which we would benefit from, taking advantage of all the tools within to process and distribute educational material. Once Galicaster is settle in, we can edit and modify metadata, ingest Matterhorn Mediapackages, handle series of recordings ...

Other important feature of Galicaster is that we can control in realtime the parameters of the capture (proper recording, volume characteristics, video quality...), viewing on place what we are recording.

Galicaster is been developed with GStreamer and Python, designed as a heavy application fully based on free software.

*Latest News*

*{_}June 13th 2011{_}*
*Currently on development - working on the beta version*
After the sucess first trials we are working hard on publishing our first beta version. Currently we are improving our video and audio control and solving some issues with the user interface.

If you want any other information or you are interested on being a beta tester contact us. Keep posted\!

*{_}May 22th 2011{_}*
*First trials - alpha version succeded*\\ \\

Recently we have tested our 0.65 version on a weeklong congress on fisheries and biology. We are more than satisfied with the results, having already a working, almost fully operational version.\\

Some raw demos are available on the following links:
[|]\\ \\

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h5. Designed to be compatible with OPENCAST-Matterhorn