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h4. What is Galicaster?


Galicaster is a Multistream Recorder and Player designed for mobile equipment without requiring a Internet connexion.
Galicaster supports recording in Matterhorn Mediapackage format, allowing us to modify metadata, rebuild old packages and build new ones. It also capable of send Mediapackage to ingest using the REST interface selecting a Matterhorn server.

Other important feature of Galicaster is that we can control in realtime the parameters of the capture (proper recording, volume...), viewing in realtime what we are recording.

Galicaster is been developed with GStreamer, Python and GTK using Python bindings PyGST and PyGTK, so it is a heavy application fully based on free software.

Future improvements would make Galicaster capable of associate schedule recordings and synchronize the recordings afterwards.

h4. Features

Multistream recording and playing
Storage using Matterhorn Mediapackage format
Check and edit metadata
Ingest Mediapackage

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_Galicaster GUI Mockup_