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{tip:icon=false}Your Human Resources team can use Confluence for presenting important HR-related documents and processes.
* *Click through the slideshow below* to see how the HR team presents the company mission.
* *Click into each of the links below* to see more.
* *Watch these* [two short videos|How the Talent Team at Atlassian use Confluence] to see how the Talent Team at Atlassian use Confluence.{tip}

h3. Human Resources Space

h3. Quick Links

| [!_Images^handshake_icon.gif|height=40px!|Company Induction]\\ | h4. [Company Induction|Company Induction] \\
New Employee Checklist |
| [!_Images^Procedures-icon.gif|height=30px!|HR Policies and Procedures]\\ | h4. [Policies & Procedures|HR Policies and Procedures] \\
Paid Time Off, Tax Forms, Travel |
| [!_Images^Job-icon.png|height=40px!|Recruitment]\\ | h4. [Recruitment Process|Recruitment] \\
Listing of current open positions, job descriptions, etc. |
| [!_Images^buddy.gif|height=40px!|Buddy System]\\ | h4. [Buddy System|Buddy System] \\
Find your buddy here\! |
| [!_Images^birthday.png|height=40px!|Company Birthday List]\\ | h4. [Birthday List|Company Birthday List] \\
Staff birthday list |
| [!_Images^fun.png|height=40px!|Have Fun]\\ | h4. [Have Fun|Have Fun] \\
Because you can't ALWAYS work |
| [!_Images^media_play.png|height=40px!|How the Talent Team at Atlassian use Confluence]\\ | h4. [Watch|How the Talent Team at Atlassian use Confluence] \\
See how the HR Team use Confluence. \\ |

h3. Announcements

[!_Images^btn_previous.png!|Examples] [!_Images^btn_next.png|align=right!|Company Induction]\\
{warning:title=Warning: Sample Content}This is sample content that comes included with Confluence for the purposes of demonstrating how the product can be used.{warning}