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Galicaster Devices

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What is Galicaster Class Device?

Galicaster Class Devices is a modular device specially customized to run Galicaster software on a Classroom or Lecture hall enviroment. GClass Device is selled by TELTEK ready to run. After a very easy consiguration your new GClass Device will be up and recording. The device is based on a 4U industrial grade boxing just 38 cm deep. All conectors are on the front side for easy installation.

GClass Device main features
  • Deployed with a touch screen you will give full feedback and basic control of the recording to profesors (start, stop, pause).
  • Without the touch screen the User Interface still available for remote monitoring and control using VNC
  • GClass Device are available to work with diferente cameras conections and technologies (PAL, NTSC, DV, HDV, etc...) it has enough CPU power to compress on the fly images from a HD USB cámera, for instance.
  • It cames preconfigured to record all day and start uploading the recordings to a Matterhorn Core after 10 pm. (configurable)
  • Do you need to record 8 hours of lectures with just 2 minutes between one and the next ? no problem, Galicaster device will do it.
  • Do you want to keep the recording of the last 2 weeks on the recording device? GClass Device is preconfigured to do so.
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