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Galicaster Dashboard - Installation Guide

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on mar 05, 2014 04:11.

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h5. External dependencies
_This page is updated to the 0.1-alfa release_

h4. External dependencies

Most of the functionalities in the Dashboard will work out-of-the-box, but the screenshot extraction has an external dependency with GStreamer. Additionally, the command-line utility {{gst-launch}} and the "good" and "bad" plugins must be installed. Versions above 0.10.29 are proven to work. Older releases may or may not work.

{info:title=GStreamer in CentOS}CentOS includes a very old version of GStreamer in its official repository, which will *not* work for Galicaster Dashboard. In this case, we recommend using the [Matterhorn RPM repository|http://www.lernfunk.de/repo] kindly provided by the University of Osnabrück.{info}

h54. Bundle installation

The Dashboard is packaged as a Matterhorn bundle, so it can be easily deployed in any Matterhorn installation. Since it depends on certain Matterhorn services to work, *it must be installed in the* {{{*}admin{*}}} *server*. In the following steps, {{$\{MH_SRC\}}} denotes the directory where the Matterhorn source code is, and {{$\{FELIX_HOME\}}} the directory where the Felix instance is installed (for Matterhorn versions under or equal to 1.3).