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h4. Galicaster-Dashboard 1.0-alfa - 2013 10th Jun
h4. Galicaster-Dashboard 0.1-alfa - 2013 10th June

h5. [Source|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/GalicasterDashboard-alpha.tgz] - [Debian Package|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/galicaster_1.3.1_all.deb] - [Installation guide|Software installation] - [Configuration|Galicaster Configuration]
h5. [Source|http://webfiler.teltek.es/webfiler/galicaster/GalicasterDashboard-alpha.tgz] \- [Installation guide|Galicaster:Galicaster Dashboard - Installation Guide] \- [Configuration|Galicaster:Galicaster Dashboard - Configuration Guide]

* Compatible with Galicaster units and Opencast Matterhorn standard capturers.