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Galicaster Code Contributions

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This page describes how to contribute to Galicaster Code. All Galicaster development and bugfixing is done on [Galicaster public Git repository|https://github.com/teltek/Galicaster]. Please follow the recommendations below and, if possible, nice-to-have tips. 

{tip}Thank you so much for your Contributions \!\!{tip}

# {color:#222222}All contributions must be forked from the "master" branch.{color}
# {color:#222222}Frequently pull changes made at the master branch, to keep your feature forked branch in synch. Features or bug fixes that don't merge cleanly will be rejected.{color}
# {color:#222222}Send us a pull request when your feature or bug fix is ready. Please do not group several bug fixes or features in the same request (where possible){color}
# {color:#222222}Use descriptive commit messages and include a reference to the relevant issue, if any (e.g. "Fixed so-and-so bug, issue #15").{color}
# {color:#222222}Check your code quality before sending the pull request. You may use tools such as pep8 or pychecker.{color}

h5. {color:#222222}Important Notice about Licensing{color}

{color:#353735}Patches that fix a bug or provide a minor enhancement might be accepted without a Contributor License Agreement being completed. Major enhancements require a valid Contributor License Agreement. {color}